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Bubbly Balloon Wedding Decorations

Weddings are usually seen with different kinds of flowers gracing the walkway and the whole venue. Traditional weddings look like this. But time changes and there are now more modern ways to decorate a wedding venue. One of these ways to liven up the place is adding some balloons and balloon structures all over the venue.

Wedding party planners and coordinators are now knowledgeable in balloon crafts to decorate different party venues. Anyone can actually learn balloon decorating as long as all the necessary materials are available. There are many different structures you can make from balloons and lots of ways to decorate a place with them.

One of the most common balloon structures is the balloon arch. The arch can be of different sizes. It basically depends on the size of the entrance door or hallway where it will be placed. A balloon arch can also be placed in the stage, if there is one, during the wedding reception. Or to make it more impressive and if the place allows it, the wedding decorator may design a canopy structure composed of overlapping balloon arch. This will serve as the dance floor during the wedding reception.

Another common balloon wedding decoration being used these days is the use of balloon centerpieces. The centerpiece can be in the form of a balloon bouquet of different shades following the color motif of the wedding. Others may choose to have a mylar balloon centerpiece that has some designs apt for the theme of the wedding.

The entire venue may be decorated with different balloon structures. If the wedding is held indoors, the ceiling may be filled with balloon clouds of different sizes. Balloon bouquets may also be placed strategically at different spots of the venue. Balloons may also be placed on a stable nylon string to make a wide arc of floating balloons. For a more casual setup, balloons can just be placed on the floor, mostly by the walkway to have the image of balloons spreading out as the couple walk to the presidential table.

Balloon wedding decorations would go best with colored swags and tulles depending on the motif. It will create a more party-like atmosphere during the wedding reception. It is a good break from the usual up-tight and formal ambience of traditional weddings.

There are a lot of ways to decorate a wedding venue with balloons. It would be best if you have the knowledge in balloon decorations but just knowing the basics of balloon structure formation will give you infinite ideas on what to make with these bubbly inflated objects.

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